Student Received Posters on the Hill Honorable Mention

Hampton Group student Kyla Koboski received Honorable Mention for her application to the Council on Undergraduate Research 2014 Posters on the Hill event. The annual event, which includes meeting with Congressional Representatives as well as a poster session on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, was held on April 28-29 this year.

Kyla’s work, titled “Characterization of Hydrogen Evolution Reaction on Dealloyed Porous NiCu,” was the only poster chosen for Honorable Mention status in the CUR Physics and Astronomy Division. Although not chosen to participate in the event itself, Honorable Mention status represents the top 10 percent of the submissions in the country.

Kyla’s work was published in the Hampton Group paper “Hydrogen evolution reaction measurements of dealloyed porous NiCu” which appeared in Nanoscale Research Letters in December.

CUR Physics and Astronomy Division newsletter (pdf)